I have NZB360 installed on my phone.It works perfectly with CP, SABnzbd and Headphones. I use Sickrage and NZB360 connects to it and presents my shows, however when I refresh the shows the app closes and I get this message:

"Unfortunately, NZB360 has stopped"

The same message appears when I add a show.

I have set Sickrage up under Sick Beard, could this be the issue?

I too am getting a force close issue with SickRage, maybe related.

I was running sickrage on Ubuntu via http up until a couple of days ago and although there were occasional moments when NZB360 would force close, 80% of the time it worked a restart of the SickRage server seemed to solve the problem. I have moved to Windows 2012 R2 and now cannot access SickRage at all. As below -

Sickrage - Latest Master, Python 27, Cheetah 2.4.4

HTTPS - Self-Signed Cert (exact same cert works fine for SabNZBD which I access through NZB360.)

The only log I can find in SickRage to suggest any contact prior to the force close is below (the below repeats until I click Okay on the Force close box, every couple of seconds) -

2015-02-01 16:53:18 DEBUG TORNADO :: API :: history: curKwargs {}
2015-02-01 16:53:18 DEBUG TORNADO :: API :: all kwargs: '{'cmd': 'history'}'
2015-02-01 16:53:18 DEBUG TORNADO :: API :: all args: '()'
2015-02-01 16:53:18 DEBUG TORNADO :: API :: **.***.***.*** - gave correct API KEY. ACCESS GRANTED

NZB360 running on HTC One M8, ViperOneM8 3.1.0 (Android Version 4.4.4) - Rooted and S-OFF

IP User:Pass@IP address format

No local SSID defined

Server Port - 8081

API - Copied in twice (above suggests correct key)

SSL/HTTPS - Enabled.

Later & Force Search also ticked.


Anymore information required please get in touch, happy for pass on any further debug or testing information.