So I'm trying to do a reverse proxy using nginx which I have successfully setup. I have all of my apps setup and they work fine on my local network.

Only problem is that my ISP blocks port 80. So I'm using no-ip's service for a port 80 redirect. This works perfectly when I'm in the browser but I can't get nzb360 to work. I've told no-ip that all requests on port 80 should go to port 8282 and then I've told my router and all requests from 8282 should be forwarded to my internal port 80. As I mentioned it works smoothly in the browser just not in nzb360. And I can't leave the port empty in nzb360 which i believe might be the issue. How do I make this work in nzb360. I've tried so many combinations.
I don't think I am allowing re-directs within the networking stack, which would probably b cause the issue. Can you not just set everything up to use a different port rather than 80 to avoid the HTTP redirect?
That's what I figured. I just used a different host name ( a free one from no-ip) and forwarded that to a different port (8282 instead of 80) and then did the re-direct on my router. That worked as I was able to tell nzb360 to use 8282/cp for example and then nginx did the rest. i will use that setup for nzb360.

i just wanted to use my own custom domain name where I didn't have to type in any ports and no-ip would do the redirect for me. But this solution works. Thanks for your help.