Sonarr has pushed a fix to correct the show times in the calendar (ver Dev build). I asked over at the Sonarr forums if there were any changes to the API, and they have said that nothing has changed except for restoring previous functionality. I know something isn't right, but here's the issue.

When I open NZB360 I can't see (nothing loads) any Airing, Missed or History items. The shows list in the show list section, but once I try and navigate into a particular Season the app force closes.

I'm running the most recent Pro version of the 360.
Thanks for looking into this issue. I have tried to look through the logs from Sonarr to see if I can find any errors which may help you, but nothing is coming up. I have even switched to the Debug logging and still nothing. If you need any other information, please do not hesitate to ask.

Thanks again!
Kev wrote:I can't get the development branch to fail in my instance. Can someone PM me their Sonarr details that crashes nzb360?
Were you able to mimic "Airing Soon/Missed/History" not populating?

When the FC happens and we do the send feedback... Does that go to you @Kev or Google?
I cannot mimic any of the issues you guys are experiencing, but JS sent me his details, so I will look into this tonight.

When a FC happens, that feedback gets sent to Google, not me, since I am no longer in the Play Store =(