Hi all,
Just wondering if you could help out a complete newb at this please?
I purchased the upgraded edition of NZB 360 (which is a great little app by the way) to be able to use my NAS (Zyxel NSA325) over 3/4G whilst out and about via its installed NZBget package. I followed your guide for setting up remote access and created a dynamic DNS address (no-ip), added this to my router (Billion 7800n), reserved DHCP and forwarded the ports for NZBget.
Now I can wake up my NAS whilst on my home network but it doesn’t wake over 3/4G, if my NAS is on I can connect through NZB 360 to my NAS whilst out roaming and add nzb’s by uploading them and they all work and download fine. It shows my history, speed and connection status no problems but will just not wake over 3/4G……
Can I just double check what settings I should be inputting in the wake on lan configuration please?
Many thanks
Newb 