I have looked all over this board and searched every way I know how on google. Even found multiple places on how to set categories. I have set the categories:groups/indexer tags as such:

apps: apps*, pc*
books: books*
movies: movies*
music: music*, audio*
tv: tv*

The only one that works when I "Send to SABnzbd" from within nzb360 is the tv category. Every other category just goes to the default download settings. If sabnzbd uses an RSS feed from any of the indexers I use all the nzb's are automaticly set to the proper download category. It just will not do it from within nzb360 automaticly other than the TV category.

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

SABnzbd 0.7.20
Nzb360 8.6
As far as I know the "category" is set within the program on your PC, such as CP, sonarr, sickbeard, etc.

So as long as they're set in those programs it should work.

In you couch potato settings on your PC - when you pick the "Downloaders" category is there a check next to Sabnzbd and its category is "movies" along with correct api for sabnzbd ?
I registered just to post this same issue.

I did some testing with my own local NN+ indexer, NZB360 would send to "default" if the Category wasn't one of the NN+ Categories. NZB360 seems to not follow "group/indexer tags"?

ex.. if my "music" category in SAB is "tunage" with group/indexer tab "Audio*", it goes to default. If I change SAB category to "music", it works as expected. Same with the other categories (tv, movies, xxx, books)
I also registered to post the same.

django is onto something about the group/indexer tags not being followed when done through the "Search" function of nzb360. When I use nzb360 to control Sonarr or Couchpotato, there is no issue. Nor is there an issue when I browse on the Indexer's website and send it manually via API. It only happens from nzb360's search area.

The workaround is to long-click each item in the SABnzbd screen and set the category manually.