Love the app and decided today to setup remote access from my WHS2011 server.

Everything up and working with NZBdrone & Sabnzbd in NZB360.

I can access my couchpotato webpage from http://myservername.homeserver.com/couchpotato but when I try and set it up in NZB360 I get an error saying

"Your couchpotato settings are invalid. Please check the settings." and then the app crashes.

I use a username and password

My settings in the app are:

IP/Host Address

Server Port For CouchPotato

I have checked my api key and it is correct.

If I delete the remote configs then it connects fine to my local address.

I'm a bit stumped as to what I'm doing wrong and would love some help!

Are you using the API to gain access as well? On my settings, I remove the user@pass:IP stuff and just authenticate via the API setting.

Is remote port 80? If so, try 80/couchpotato... shouldn't be needed but.. :)

Do you have to specify remote port for sabnzbd? On my reverse proxy all external requests go to port 80 then proxy redirects traffic to different local ports
I've been trying all sorts of configurations to get this to work to no avail. Works fine using just the api to access but no dice with the remote access.
That does mean I can connect KeV, but unfortunately I still get an error message in a red box at the bottom of the app. Sorry haven't been able to record what it said yet!
So now when I attempt to login the application no longer crashes.

Instead I get this error message

http://myservername.homeserver.com:80/login/?next=%2Fcouchpotato%2Fapi%2Fmy api%2Fmovie.list%2F%3F%26status%3Dactive%26limit_offset%3D1000


http://myservername.homeserver.com:80/login/?next=%2Fcouchpotato%2Fapi%2Fmy api%2Fdashboard.soon%2F

in a red box along the bottom of the app. (Obviously the bold I have edited out)

This happens as soon as I enter details for the remote server and whether I am actually on a local or remote connection.

EDIT: Now I've entered my home SSID, local obviously works like a charm.

I have tried using:

user:password@myservername.homeserver.com & myservername.homeserver.com

Both with

Any ideas?
OK, sorry everyone, finally got it sorted. Stupid mistake on my part although did need the hint to put in the port number.

Will post my config later or tomorrow to help anyone else using IIS and ARR on windows.

Next step: SSL certificates. Wish me luck!