I recently purchased NZB360 for the second time after it disappeared from GooglePlay, mainly to get access to updates where the CouchPotato java-exceptions might be fixed.
However, for the last 3 versions, currently on 8.5.3, I still only get error messages, both for Wanted, Available, Soon and Manage. history sometimes work. I have double- and triple checked that the API key is correct, and it also works for other apps.

I have seen various similar threads in the forum, but all seem to get resolved by correcting API key or restarting the app and/or CP server. Having verified correct API key, and restarted everything countless times it still does not work.

I'm also keeping up to date with CP, currently on bb6fefd01083b9f7190ce49adc79f83d02218e45 (9/23/2014 1:54:21 PM)

Running Android 4.4.4 on Nexus 5. Same issue on Nexus 7 (4G) and Nexus 4.

Master branch ? Basically, if you're the only one with the error, the fault lies in couchpotatoserver, not the app. Try searching for all wanted movies, and restarting.

Also what is the error exactly ?
I was under the impression I am on the master branch.
The Settings->About screen says this:
Versionbb6fefd01083b9f7190ce49adc79f83d02218e45 (9/23/2014 1:54:21 PM)
Updater source, master
ID 24078

Furthermore, the file version.py clearly states VERSION="2.0.7" and BRANCH="master".
There is also no indication in the config that I'm not on the master branch. Thus I would greatly appreciate if you could kindly elaborate?

Errormessage: java.lang.IllegalStateException:Expected BEGIN_OBJECT but was BEGIN_ARRAY at line 1 column 1850
Then after a few seconds it alternates to ERROR: ... ffset=1000
After that it repeats the first message, but line 1525

I have to say I am taken by surprise by the responses saying if I am the only one with the error, the fault must be with my CP server. The server works well without any errors when using the web page, and also works well with other tools such as NZB+ and various iPad apps.

Thanks again for any further pointers!

Thanks for quick and top notch support. Greatly appreciated!
Where do I find this Json response? All I get in the app is the three messages I listed, where two of them are identical except for the column number.
Yalla-One wrote:I have to say I am taken by surprise by the responses saying if I am the only one with the error, the fault must be with my CP server.
No offense, it's just usually that way. Couchpotato API apparently changes a lot and that will cause errors for every NZB360 user. But there are some errors which are caused by corruption on the server side, not the app. The only solution would be fixing the corruption.

I didn't mean in any way that you need to figure it out yourself if that was what you were thinking. You can always expect support here :)
Did you guys ever figure out what it was? I'm getting the same thing, but when I try to browse to my api on cp, i get problems too. I'm updating from the git, would this be my problem?

Update: I installed the desktop version which actually seems more up to date. And it worked fine.
FWIW, I experienced this Java.Lang error as well, just installed NZB360 tonight on Android L on Nexus 5. after I saw the error I restarted the server with couchpotato on it and refreshed NZB360 and presto, Java.Lang error be gone. I'm assuming it's something weird with coachpotato being in an error state. attached is a screenshot of the error.
Screenshot_2014-10-10-22-49-07.png (120.94 KiB) Viewed 3360 times