Paypal's response...

"Yes, 2FA is in the semi-immediate plan. I can't give you an exact date, but please stay tuned..."

Sounds like it's coming, though with PP's timelines, it might be awhile.
Thank you for the support, Spunky. I will still keep an eye on PP's new release of the SDK that supports 2FA, and will implement it as soon as it is released, for anyone else that may be using it.
No worries Kev, I understand this isn't your fault.

With all the effort organisations go to in an attempt to educate end users about security, it is pretty amazing that Paypal's API neither supports 2FA, nor provides any method for a user to verify it is legitimate. Ideally it would redirect to a browser where the user can verify the SSL certificate or something, rather than render with no URL or certificate information available.

Anyway, after all that... loving the app :)
Yeah, I am very surprised this wasn't in v1.0 of the SDK. Although, neither was working CC support, and PP accounts with special characters didn't work either. It's finally starting to get stable, so hopefully 2FA will be here soon.

Glad you're enjoying the app! =)