I am receiving the following errors when trying to add a movie in couchpotato. These errors occur when I search for a movie and then touch to add it. When I touch the movie a second time the movie shows with the category set to None and all of the quality profiles are listed.

ERROR: Could not retrieve categories
ERROR: Could not retrieve quality profiles!

I also receive the error "ERROR: Could not retrieve quality profiles." when trying to edit a movie that is already added.
My quality profiles show correctly when adding a movie through the CP website. I am only using the profiles 1080p, 720p and SD.

I am receiving these errors on both my Nexus 5 and Nexus 7.
I see that as well, but if I select the movie again, it finds the qualities.

Might be a timing issue.

I posted about it in the v8.4.2 release thread.
When I add a movie it shows all the qualities. I already mentioned this to the developer, should be somewhere in Bug Reports I think.

I just tried editing a movie I have and although I got the same message (could not retrieve quality profiles) it did succeed in applying the change.

UPDATE: And the same for adding a movie. I get the same 2 messages and when I click the title a second time, the popup appears and I can add the movie.
Another update. The API return empty on category.list, because I have no categories. Maybe there's not check for empty response in NZB360.

As for quality profiles, the API returns them ALL not just the ones you've enabled. I see no way of separating the disabled from the enabled ones. Should be fixed from server-side I guess.

No idea if this is related to the error messages to be honest but I'm putting it out here anyways.