Firstly, kudos on this awesome app! Love the UI!

I installed the app on my Nexus 5 4.4.2 a while ago, and bought the pro functionality through Paypal (using the same email address attached to the username of this forum).

After some problems on my Nexus 5, I had to go and restore my phone to default settings. So I re-installed the app. However now that I go to 'Upgrade to Pro', and I select the original email address I bought the app on, it asks me to pay the $9.99 fee again.

I can reproduce the PayPal receipt and have the Transaction ID.

Thanks a lot,
Do you have the same email added to the device as your Google account? The PRO license is attached to that email.

This also may be a cache issue. To clear the licesne cache, head into the Upgrade to PRO screen, wait 10 seconds, close nzb360, and then re-launch. That will clear out your cache for the license and pull down a fresh new one.
Thanks for the reply.

I have the account added as a Google account even though its not a @gmail email ( it's a Google Apps email with a custom domain)

Waiting to clear the cache and restarting the app didn't work either.

Any other ideas?
Is it the same email/account you registered PRO with? Click the "Upgrade" button on the Upgrade to PRO screen. It will pop up an email selection box. Is that the same email you expect?
Yes. The email I originally bought pro is there and I can see it and I can click it. Once clicked it just takes me to the paypal sign in page. Once I sign into to paypal it asks me to pay again.