The details pane opens the web browser and browses to the specific page. In your case that appears to be an xml file. The missing parameter might be your username/password. Sometimes you don't need those to actually snatch the nzb but you do to visit the page.
Kev wrote:Hmm, does NZBs.org require a user/pass to view the details page? Most NN+ indexers simply require the API key.
Whenever i click for more details on nzb.su and dognzb i have to enter my login details :(
I also thought API key is enough as it works that way with nzbunity on ios. Am i doing something wrong?
Every time? I allow nzb360 to store Cookies for that browser, so you shouldn't have to enter it every time. However, I will look into ways to not need the login info.
Yeah everytime, except if im entering the details page again right after login, but if I enter it a few hours later, I'll have to entry my login details again. Thanks for taking a look at it!
I don't have that issue with my indexers, but I will definitely look into seeing if I can bypass the login through other means. Stay tuned!
I looked into the api spec, and there was no other way to bypass this. NZBs.org must have some custom thing added to their details page.