Hi Kev

I am using nzb360 v13.9.6 Pro.
Samsung S8+, Android 9.
I have Sonarr loading by default. When I switch to Radarr nzb360 crashes.

I am using Radarr 3.0
518 Movies in the library.

This just started happening. I've been using your app at least two years. I don't think I've made any changes.
I have removed and added Radarr settings again.
Radarr loads fine in Radarr/Sonarr Companion and LunaSea apps.
I sideloaded nzb360 on a Nexus 9 tablet and it is working right using my phones backed up settings.
I backed up the settings again from the Nexus and restored on my S8 but didn't help.

Is there a log so I can see what might be going wrong?
I have no way of testing this fix, because I can't repro it on my devices. I think it may be an issue only with Samsung devices.
nzb360 v13.9.6 doesn't crash on my Samsung A8, Android 9, One UI 1.0.
My S8+ is the same Android and One UI version.
I am using a copy from APKPure, I assume it's the same as what was in the Play store. Post an APK, if you want, and I'll try it.