Without the app having logs it's impossible to know what is going on but...

1) I can successfully connect apps like sabnzbd and radarr

2) I can see downloads occuring in sab. I can see things I'm tracking in radarr

3) that's about it. I cant stop something from downloading. I can't delete or modify an entry in radarr. If I try to delete or add to radarr, it will appear as if it worked but as you leave the screen and return the entry is either still there after deletion or not there after addition

This has been the case since I purchased the app months ago with no update resolving the issue making the app kind of useless

Anyway to debug what is going on? Like I've mentioned, I can successfully connect to the apps since 1 and 2 do occur.

This is also all within my network not external
Do you have the ability to allow me to try and connect externally? That's the only way I can try and figure out what's going on. That seems really odd. May be an odd firewall issue?
You can enable trace logs in radarr, then clear the logs so it isn't a nightmare, then delete/modify something in nzb and it will appear in the tracelog of radarr as to what is going on. nzb utilizes all api calls so they would show in the log (just a thought as that is how i was troubleshooting things with nzb)
Thanks guys. I figured this out. Not sure why I could read from the different apps but the reason why I couldn't write was because I needed to add `\radarr` etc. to the ip