Lemme start by saying that this is one of the best apps i've bought from the playstore.
That being said however, i've never been able to make the search function of the app work for me and I am unsure on how to configure it.
I'm not that technical so please bare with me.

I have a SSL reverse proxy configured in nginx that points to a basepath /jackett.
my URL is: https://name.domain.com/jackett (this works if opened from a browser)

jackett auto-configures the URL in the app but i've never made it work. Default is (https://name.domain.com/9117/api/v2.0/i ... lt/torznab)
I've tried : https://name.domain.com/jackett/api/v2. ... lt/torznab but with no success.

I always get "Error retreiving info from server. Make sure to add https:// ... "

Any idea what I can try?

Thank you.
I have the exact same issue, and have also setup a SSL reverse proxy, which works in the internet browser, Sonarr and Radarr, but not in nzb360. Tried multiple indexers, but nothing works.
Works for me with Abyss Server as a reverse proxy (with SSL):

The SSL port (from the reverse proxy, not Jackett) must be in the URL or it does not work. User/pass might not be required if not set in Jackett and username can be anything I think since Jackett settings have only password as an option (I just have it in the url as a placeholder so that the syntax is the same for all services).