Hello. I want to configure nzb360 to search in Jackett for different trackers because the all query is too slow. So I am creating different Indexers with Jackett. Unfortunately I cannot configure 2 or more different jackett indexers to the same server. The first one is working fine but the second one return "Error retrieving info from server". I even tried to copy the same configuration on the 2nd indexer but the 2nd one always fails.
Is there a bug related to different jackett trackers? Is there a log i can look to get more details about this issue?
f3bruary wrote:
Sun Jun 14, 2020 1:01 pm
Perhaps it's relevant to find out which trackers respons slow, and remove those ?
I would prefer to use specific trackers because some of them are specialized or targeted to my language. Also I keep them in Jackett for backup or if I want to use them at a later date.
Do you know if I can setup multiple Jackett indexer for different trackers? Like what radarr/sonarr does.
f3bruary wrote:
Mon Jun 15, 2020 12:17 pm
You can probably just run multiple instances of Jackett on different ports, and then add them to NZB360.
Sorry I don't understand why I would do that. This is a bit overkill for a simple use. Specific tracker link for jackett is the way that sonarr/radarr works. I don't see why nzb360 would not work the same way.
You did not answer if I can have multiple jackett indexers pointing to specific trackers. Is it a bug in the app? or something wrong on my setting? Quite weird behaviour.