lordjynx wrote:Kev,

Not to jump into this thread but I'm also getting an issue with connecting to nzbget on 360 v8.4:

WARNING Web-Server: 404 Not Found, Resource: /api?mode=queue&output=json&apikey=xxSABNZBD-API-KEYxx&start=0&output=json

The server spits that out whenever I try to connect. Looks like it's looking for a wrong url and sending the sabnzbd api key?

I know this is an old issue, but I'm seeing this exact problem on 8.5.7. I have sab and nzbget both configured behind an apache reverse proxy. NZB360 can't connect to nzbget and the nzbget logs show the error above with the sab API key. SAB, Couch, Sick and Drone all work. Here are the versions:

NZB360 8.5.7
Nzbget 14.0 - no local auth
Apache 2.2 running on Centos 6.6
- All sites are behind a https reverse proxy with http auth
Kev wrote:This should be resolved in v8.6, due out next week.
Thanks for the update Kev. I'm still having issues with this configuration is still an issue after the update. I think it's a little different now though.

When NZB360 tries to contact NZBGet behind the reverse proxy, I'm getting this message in the httpd error log.

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[error] [client xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] user  not found: /nzbget/xmlrpc
It looks like the credentials on the IP/Host Address line aren't getting passed for the http auth like they do with the other services (NZBDrone, Couchpotato, Sickbeard and SABnzbd all work with the same config).
Hey Kev,

I just had a chance to test this configuration again with the current version and the issue from my last post (user not found) is still occurring. It's only an issue with NZBGet though, every other service works correctly with the reverse proxy/http auth config.

If there's any other info that would be useful, let me know and I'll grab it.