I just downloaded that app today. I am running my living room pc with sonarr, nzbget, and nzbgeek as my indexer. Everything is running fine but i would like to do some of this remotely now.

downloaded the app and upgraded to pro so i could have all of the features.

I am having trouble getting things set up. I have been able to set up my indexer but not sonarr or nzbget. When i put in the information and test the connection it says failed to connect to primary address.

I then tried my office pc that i have sabnzb running on and i use it to manually add nzb files to and i can't get sabnzb to connect either. i get the same error message.

Please advise.

I just found what i was looking for in the Help Center on the app. Didn't even notice it was there. If anyone else is looking for help, I would highly recommend trying that. I was up and running in about 10 minutes. Going to try to follow the remote access guide now. I already signed up for no-ip.