Hi Kevin,

Happy user of NZB360 for years now. A quick question ... the WebView that you use in the app, does it support retaining a cookie?

I ask, because I use a reverse proxy (nginx) for all of my Usenet services at my house, and the way I do it is a bcrypt protected username and password Basic Auth prompt if the request doesn't come from the local LAN, or if a cookie with a certain value isn't found. Once that's been entered correctly once, I set an "infinite" cookie on the browser or app with that specific value to skip the check in the future.

NZB360 used to be fine with this, and nothing changed in my setup, but recently it stopped working when outside of my LAN. The services are all reachable from Chrome on the same device outside the LAN, and it doesn't prompt for the user/pass after the cookie is set (e.g., still works as expected with Chrome and Firefox on that phone), but NZB360 won't connect. If I connect to my home network via VPN (no changes to NZB360 setup values, and no local server parameters set), everything works.

Total edge case here, but I was wondering if you had any thoughts about what could be going on.

Thanks for your awesome software!
Resolved this, by the way, it was nothing to do with nzb360. Doing Basic Auth with bcrypt can, in some configurations, return a 500 error from NGINX depending on the system contacting it. It mostly works, but in some edge cases, it doesn't. Moving the Basic Auth algorithm back to SHA-1 fixed the problem with nzb360 from remote locations.