I sent an email to nzb360@gmail.com 7 days ago but there's been no reply.
Is this the correct email?

Here's my problem:

When I add a TV series in Sonarr I get error:null and when I add a movie in Radarr I get "Retrieving quality profiles. Try again in a few seconds"

I can add a movie and tv series in a web browser on my android phone.

Any advice please.
Is this via the WAN or LAN.

Versions of Sonarr/Radarr?

Does all other functionality work well in the NZB360 regarding these applications and other applications you are running on NZB360?
Sonarr - 02 Jul 2019
Radarr - Dec 3 2019

Connected via WAN

SABnzbd, Nzbget, Sonarr and Radarr connects on the WAN at home but not when I'm away from home.

I am using ddns.net as a primary connection.
I do not know what that is. Can you please indicate where I will find this.


NZB360 connects successfully to Sonarr, Radarr, Nzbget and SABnzbd via the primary ddns address when I'm at home.