I wanted to try the new Jackett support, so I added my IP and port and as http://IP:Port and copied and pasted the API key but when I go to the search it just shows the error message. "Error retrieving info from server..."

I am on my WiFi and don't have any base URL etc configured.

I tried with /UI/Dashboard, /UI/ but it made no difference, is there a log I can check to see why it's failing?

Android Version is 9

Hey Kev

I tried to set up jackett, but it didn't work.

My Jackett-Installation is accessible via an url (e.g. https://myjacketinstallation.software.com).
I tried several options in the app (and also the recommended way in the app).

As far as I understand, I can access my jackett installation with a rest get-command like this:
https://myjacketinstallation.software.c ... ey=MYAPKEY

I tried this with postman and it works. Any idea how to set up this in the app?

Thx in advance!