I've sent two mails to support this week but I have not gotten any response yet.

I bought the PRO license 31 May, and been using nzb360 daily. However, I noticed the other day that my license had disappeared and it is not able to retrieve it either using the in-app option.
I would really like to get some help on this, as I use nzb360 daily and the PRO features is used daily as well.

I have my Gplay receipt, and also see that the purchase is connected to my account through Google Play.
Help would really be appreciated.
Kev wrote:
Sun Jun 30, 2019 5:45 pm
Are you using a VPN?
I am using a VPN to access my server at home. However, I have tried recovering the license with and without the VPN active. Still no luck.

Shouldn't it be tied to my Google account?