Hi everyone,

I had set up Sonarr/ Radarr originally with my external IP and they both worked perfectly. As my ISP decides to randomly change my IP, I got my own domain and set up a dynamic dns to get around this issue. If I use my domain via a web browser I can access both services, but if I use the same domain in the app, it does not work. Anyone have any tips they can provide?

I'm using Dynu as my DNS and I've set up port forwarding within the DNS so I don't need to type the port number after the url.

The port number is included. I can access via my url on a browser just on the app. Looked further into it, here's the issue:
Type in URL --> device requests ip of server --> first the device gets the dynamic dns's server ip (not my server ip) --> dynamic dns server reroutes to my server IP

A browser is able to interpret this correctly and reroutes to the end IP address, whereas NZB360 only cares about the first IP that gets returned, which in this case is incorrect as it's the Dynamic DNS server IP.