I'm running Radarr on Unraid 6.6.5, I'm using nginx as my reverse proxy so I can access Radarr at https://movies.<mydomain>.com.

Here are my Radarr settings: Image I can access it via the web and Nzbmanager both, inside and outside my network.

I can't access it via nzb360 however. What's strange is that both nzbmanager and nzb360 can access Sabnzbd and the settings are almost identical.

Just to confirm, in nzb360 my primary connection address is:

I've tried ports 443, 1443 (the external facing SSL port I have mapped to letsencrypt docker), 7878 (the regular Radarr port) and 9898 (the SSL Radarr port).

The nzb360 error message is just :"Failed to connect to primary address. Try Again?"

Any ideas on how to figure this one out?