Hi - I have a bit of a strange problem connecting NZB360 to Sonarr and Radarr. I set everything up and click tests connection and it connects fine. It pulls my libraries correctly and I can run searches etc. Then five minutes later without changing anything it refuses to connect to the primary address and can't connect. Nothing has changed and no settings have changed. I leave it for say five or six hours without changing anything and it connects again and then shuts off again five minutes later...does anyone have any idea?

Sonarr and Radarr connect fine through the same address on the same device with no problems...

Can you ping the server from the server, when you lose the connection? This way you can be sure that the problem is the application.

If the ping works, check the connection again?
It pings fine whilst it's down and both Sonarr and Radarr are available through the web. What happens is...

1. I test connection. It succeeds and pulls the library fine.
2. I test connection again after less than a minute and it doesn't connect (no changes have been made)
3. During the time it is down, Sonarr and Radarr work through the web and pings get through.
4. Works again after five hours with no changes but then goes down again after less than a minute with no changes...

This is quite bizzare...does anyone have any idea what is going on?