Currently trying to setup nzb350 to work with Sonarr and I am not really sure if the app is suitable for what I need.

The windows pc that sonarr is currently running on is only accessed via the same local network it is running on, no remote access is required or wanted.

This works fine with browsers on devices using the same local network but nzb360 does not look like it is designed to run this way?

Cannot see any tutorials to get Sonarr running on nzb360 with just local network access only .
That is what i am using, does not work with sonarr.

Looks like Nzb360 is not designed to work like this, not with sonarr any way, might work fine with sabnzbd but not interested in connecting with that

edit: you must be using something else apart from sonar settings because there is definitely no server setting there.

There is primary connection, local connection address, and local network ssid