Hey there!
First of all, I absolutely love everything about this app.
I switched to a new Seedbox provider as they allow me to run sonarr/jackett all on seedbox.
After I did the switch I can't connect to the seedbox's ruTorrent via nzb360.
I'm gonna list the info I've entered in nzb360

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Primary Connection Address:  lw909.ultraseedbox.com:80  
Username and password as provided  
Path to XML -RPC API:  ~elliot16gfx/rutorrent/plugins/httprpc/action.php
I have also tried putting The defaut XML -RPC API Options, both of em didnt work either.
I tried putting username and pass in http://us:pass@host:port, it didnt work

Here's the info my Seedbox provider has in the app info section:

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URL: https://xxxxxx.ultraseedbox.com/~elliot16gfx/rutorrent
Username: elliot16gfx
Password: ***** 
Port details
RPC port: https://xxxxx.ultraseedbox.com/~elliot16gfx/rutorrent/plugins/httprpc/action.php


My radarr connects to the torrent client just fine though
Here are my radarr settings.


Thank you so much for reading.
I would appreciate any help.