I recently reinstalled Oreo and for some reason I no longer have the shortcut options when I longpress the nzb360 icon. Every other app I've tried is working so I believe it's just this one.

I also could have sworn there was a menu in the options to setup what nzb360 items would show in shortcuts (up to five?) but I can't find that either.

Edit: It looks like the issue is with Nova Launcher. I'm not sure why other apps are working with it and not nzb360 out of the box. It's the launcher I always use. Pixel Launcher has it working fine. I'll have to research but "it's not you, it's me".

Edit 2: Don't listen to any support requests from me. I needed the Nova beta installed and completely forgot I had that before I wiped my phone. Installed it and the world is rotating again. Troubleshooting is fun.