Hey Kevin,

Thanks so much for your app. I have been a fan (and pro user x2) for years :)

I was very excited to see support for rutorrent added! Unfortunately I'm having trouble connecting to my setup. I'm wondering if it's because I don't have a user/pass?

I've mirrored the path in my sonarr installation from the URL Path box (rutorrent/plugins/rpc/rpc.php). I'm not sure what else to try. I've attached a screenshot of the app and also my sonarr settings in case I'm missing something. Quick edit: is the URL I connect to from a browser when I want to pull up rutorrent.

One last note, I only connect to rutorrent locally (hence no user/pass required). So if I need to access it remotely, I just VPN in from my phone. Using the VPN works perfectly for accessing Sonarr/SABnzbd/Radarr/etc. via nzb360.

Thanks again! Sorry for the massive phone screenshot :\

Sonarr: Image nzb360: Image
Very interesting by the reply.
I've got the same error since the begining of rutorrent feature in NZB360.
Except I use rutorrent in a seedbox, error message is the same.