Hello Kev,

I agree this is the best App ever!
Great work.
Minor little errors with searcher usenet-crawler.com.

It is showing the same movie as different release over again.
So the Gui (nice cover view) showing 10x times the same movie,
but different release....

I was wondering if Version 7.3.2 would fix this?
I'm using the google play release and it is not updating to 7.3.2.
Do i have to buy this app again?

Hey Marski, first of all the behavior you notice with the searcher is normal. If you check the Rss feed of usenet-crawler for example, you will see the same. Multiple release groups release certain movies and they will all show up in the indexer. Some people prefer releases from specific groups. Sometimes a groups release is removed for copyright reasons so the choice you have is a benefit.

If you have other issues with usenet-crawler, know that they have been having some stability issues the last 2 days or so. Read the logs and you'll see.

This app got pulled from the store a while back for unknown reasons. I believe the developer will publish the latest apk file from Google play if he hasn't already. This version will not be updated anymore though and if any api changes occur in the future it might not work properly. If you want the current version and be assured of future updates then you can download the app for free on the homepage and you can purchase the pro license optionally.