Kev Nzbhydra2 is out when you do a search for movies hardly any cover art shows up i dont know if its nzb360 or nzbhydra2 would you be able to check thank you.
Hey, I was just about to make a thread for this.

Apparently this works in v1 but not in v2 and I don't know why. What do I need to do for the covers to show up. I'm forwarding all the newznab attributes from the indexers I call. My response contains stuff like

<newznab:attr name="coverurl" value="https://nzbs.org/covers/movies/1856101-cover.jpg" />
<newznab:attr name="details" value="https://nzbs.org/api?t=d&id=5482562e486 ... apikey=123" />

but no covers show up. I've visited a detail view of a result in NZB 360 to make sure that the covers can be loaded.