Title says it all. Everything worked as intended the. I updated to the newest version and now sonarr/radarr fail to connect. I use subdomains with a reverse proxy so I don't use ports and can hit the URL from my browser without issue. However when I put in the https://user:pass@sub.domain.com it fails to connect.

Any input would be fantastic
One more thing I saw suggested in another thread - tapping the "View Sonarr/Radarr/Sabnzbd" on Web" button opens my browser to a blank page and doesn't attempt to load anything.

Edit: Figured it out here. The problem was caused by (the parsing of) a question mark in my password.

https://username:Password?@sub.domain.com does not work.
https://username:Password@sub.domain.com works fine.
Hi everyone,
Just became a member after my beloved NZB360 (that I paid for actually) failed to work one fine day.
Checked router settings etc, working fine
Updated NZB360 and found that there was a new version with different set of inputs which might be stuffing it up.
Just wondering for the example addresses under primary connection address
http: does not work
I want to try the other options before bugging the forum but how do i enter the following?
1) The remoteaddress.com (is this the ipaddress.com so because the Test connection absolutely doesnt even try for long and fails soon)
2) The user:pass@remoteaddy.com (Username password for what? the router, the server, or SAB (SAB has no username or password) and whats remoteaddy?)