Since the latest update i have been having issues connecting to my services while on an external wifi network using the local/remote configuration. Please note until recently this setup has been working very reliably with no issues.
My set up is as follows:-

Sab, radarr, headphones and sonarr running in docker containers exposing their default ports.
HaProxy running on the host proxying external domains on port 80 to the internal services on their default ports as as per below examples
movie.domain.com - 192.168.0.x:7878
tv.domain.com - 192.168.0.x:8989
sab.domain.com - 192.168.0.x:8080

The app is configured with remote ports as port 80 and local ports as the application's default ports. I have also configured the SSID of all of my internal networks.

The issue I'm experiencing is that whilst on my work wifi network (or any other external wifi network for that matter) I am unable to connect to the services. clicking on view sabnzbd on web works fine and loads the webpage without issue.
If I turn wifi off and connect only on 4G i am able to connect without issue both in the app and via chrome.
Interestingly if I'm on 4G with my wifi on but not connected to a wifi network it does not connect to any services and when I "view on web" it tries to connect to the service via the internal IP.
When at home the the application works without issues.

The application version is 10.8.3
Nothing changed in that code for 10.8.3. If you tap on the menu button while in a service and click "View Radarr on Web", does it load the right address for local/remote?
Same thing happens with radarr. If I'm on my work WiFi the app doesn't connect but tapping view radarr on web resolves the correct remote URL in chrome. The only way I can work around this is to remove the local config altogether and connect only via the remote URL.