I recently installed sonarr and radarr, and added nzb360 to my tablet to manage them.

Both radarr and sondar connect and work great, but the history in Sonarr wont load. The loading icon just keeps spinning indefinitely. The history for radarr on the other hand seems to load fine. If tried installing nzb360 on two other devices, and still have the issue with sonarr history not loading.

Any tips or suggestions?
After I installed sonar I ran the update, so I'm on version which was released october 12th. Oddly, I checked nzb360 this morning and the history page is now loading correctly. It seems whatever the issue was, it worked itself out.

Ill let you know if there is a change.

Great app by the way :)

A couple possible suggestions for new features. It would be very cool if I could select a tv show or movie from sonarr/radarr and cast it to my plex player. The plex casting option is available in the plex app/ web page, but I dont know how hard it would be to integrate.

Second, it would be really nice if nzb360 could also link to utorrent. Currently I am using transdroid, which I really like, but would even be nicer if something similar was available through nzb360.

Thank you
Just a quick followup, it looks like the sonarr tutorial I was using had me set it up in developer mode, so you may be right, I may not be using the most stable release