Hi, i've just set up a brand new install of bazarr but can't get nzb360 to connect when using local ip:port - instead I get an error "Failed to connect to primary address. Try again?" when pressing the test connection button.

I can access bazarr via chrome within my LAN including on my phone where nzb360 is installed.

Wireshark on my server can see the incoming "GET /api/languages?enabled=false&apikey=xxxxxxxxxxxxx" (with my actual API key haha) and the "http/1.1 200 OK" response back but nzb360 simply errors saying unable to connect... I'm on the latest version of nzb360 and have tried bazarr 0.9.4 and 0.9.5-beta.4 with the same result on either version.

Any ideas what's going on? Or how I would go about troubleshooting?