Hi Support,

I have a backup file which was taken from my old phone (Android 7), and I'm trying to restore from Cloud backup Google Drive to my new phone (Android 10).

When restoring it says successful but no settings have been applied. Any help?

NZB360 app version is the same on both devices.

Thanks for replying keV. From what I could see at file view and briefly looking at the content of each, all details were included e.g. server info etc. of the source of backup as expected, plus comparison to an older backup both looked similar.

When backing up via the app though it just didn't bring through the import. Even though the app verbose 'sucessful'.

I look a little more in-depth and found the directory of where the app reads the backups both cloud/local.

I successfully imported the backup files by manually extracting the backup and placing files into the local backup directory. Then restored through the app. It then brought through the server information.

I think this may have been a user error, and more likely it was a permission problem with the new phone. I did check the app permissions before I reported though...

All fixed here though if this posts helps anyone!

Cheers again,