Kev wrote:Does the other app load all of the movies at once, or does it paginate them?
I first thought it loaded all in once, but I was only looking to the 'soon' & 'announced' tab.
When I go to the 'all' tab, I see that it loads it per 25 movies. So it gives the effect that everything is there.
Actually the wanted tab in nzb360 is the most important one I think. For me personally, I don't look in the 'all' tab.
The history tab is also loaded serately in nzb360, that's normal behavior I suppose?

So actually, you were right, and it will be due the amount of movies. A possibility is that I remove the downloaded movies, because they're not realy needed anymore in Radarr. But maybe you can look to some kind of paging or a different way of loading?
It seems that other users don't have this issue?
Radarr is much slower than Sonarr in returning movies. I don't know why. Sonarr returns a ton of data in one call very efficiently, but Radarr isn't quite there yet.

I do a lot of tricks in the UI by loading everything at once (except history, by design). Searches are immediate across your entire movie list, for example.

I do recommend removing movies once they are downloaded, and I have thought about adding in functionality that with one button, you could remove all of your downloaded movies, just like the button that unmonitors all of your downloaded movies at once.
In terms of knowing if you have already seen/downloaded it? That is true. Though, I generally prefer performance over this check. Ideally, we just figure out why Radarr is so much slower than Sonarr dealing with higher quantity of items.
My Radarr is slower to load via the web UI as well, so not an app issue.

I have 600+ movies but only 70 TV shows and Sonarr loads them almost instantly.

So, I assume it's the amount of data that Radarr is loading from its DB?
Yeah, it's definitely on Radarr's side. I just don't know why they would be much different. Sonarr actually has more info it manages due to the seasons/episodes, so I don't know why Radarr is slower.