Hey, I've been using NZB360 for a while and have never got this working through the reverse proxy I use (HAproxy)

I have the following services which work if I forward the ports manually to the relevant servers via my router but I'd prefer to have them go through my reverse proxy which detects the subdomain (SNI)

Couchpotato (Works)

I can only assume this is due to the fact that some of the services are not SNI capable? I notice there is another thread which seems to indicate this has been resolved, but it is certainly still an issue for me. Looking through the logs I can see that the traffic is being forwarded to the default backend rather than the specific service.
Hi Kev,

Appreciate that it should work, however it doesn't appear to be. These sites work absolutely fine through every browser that I've tried.

Any thoughts on what else it could be? Its strange that it works for Couchpotato and none of the others.

Just to confirm I wasn't going mad I opened up port 8989 for sonarr on my router and changed the port from 443/sonarr to 8989/sonarr and unticked the SSL tickbox and it started working again