So with the latest version I was excited to see the feature that I can share movies from IMDB to Radarr. But upon doing this, every time, it asks me to upgrade.
I originally upgraded by Paypal. No matter which option I choose at the dialog, it verifies that I do have Pro but it does not add the movie. I can do this multiple times and the movie is never added.

I'm using android 7.1.1 on a custom ROM, LineageOS. I've restarted the phone, ensured that pro is enabled in the app itself, and started and restarted the apps. Anything else I should try?
Kev wrote:I will take a look. Anyone else having this issue?
Yes, I have the same issue.
I'm on a Galaxy S5 with custom 6.0.1 ROM

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It's working fine for me Using Android 7.1.1 on a Nexus 5x (no root).

Right now I'm still in the process of switching so I have both CP and Radarr enabled. Upon sharing to NZB360, I had the ability to pick between the two services. After choosing Radarr, it added without issues.
I didn't include the model of my phone in the initial post but its starting to look like it may be relevant: Samsung Galaxy S5 -Verizon version but connected to TMobile.