Hi, I just noticed that both the soon and in cinemas tab are empty in the app, I do however have both categories populated in radarrs webui. The tabs also look like I should be able to scroll (they have a scrollbar). Is this a pro-only feature or am I missing something?
Just to clarify, does this include the movies tab being empty? All my tabs except for history are empty. However, adding a movie seems to work even though it never shows up in any of the tabs.
Just checked that it wasn't just me. Such a great app and quick updates. Don't know how you guys manage to keep up with all the developer builds of each supported program.
Thank you! First 3 tabs now update properly but history tab gives attached error.
Screenshot_2017-03-08-21-26-43.jpg (1.93 MiB) Viewed 2802 times
In case anyone else runs into this, it wasn't a bug. When I mass imported my movie library it didn't assign a profile for each movie. I went back in and mass set a profile for all movies and this problem resolved.