Took me a while to find where to discuss this issue - but yes I am seeing the same with the latest versions of CP and NZB360.

I cleaned my CP database and thought I narrowed it down to a single movie that was causing the issue:
Crazy, Stupid, Love.

But, after removing that one and adding back a few more...I hit the issue again - on Dallas Buyers Club.

I'm not going to attempt to find which movies it is affecting as it looks like it is many, and probably just errors/stops on the first one it finds.

Also, to note when I hit the refresh button I get this error popping up regardless of what tab I'm on.

I'll be happy to test or provide more info. Thanks.
I know what the issue is, it's CP returning a different model for ratings for some movies. Should have it resolved over this next weekend. Traveling until then.