Hi all,

I believe SSL is broken for nzb360's Sonarr in Android Marshmallow. I have a working setup with Sab, Couchpotato, and Sonarr that I backed up and ported from my note 2 to my nexus 6p. Sab and Couchpotato work fine as they did before. But Sonarr is having issues that I believe is due to SSL. Sonarr connects and finds my database fine, but it does not find any episodes for any show and it does not show cover art for any of the shows. For example, if I click on a show's season it will say 0/0 episodes and it will not pull the episode list or title when clicked. However, it does list all shows appropriately, and the missing, upcoming, and history tabs all display the correct information.

To prove that this was due to SSL, I disabled SSL in the settings, and boom all the cover art and episode data is repopulated. When I re-enable SSL in the nzb360 Sonarr settings, the issue comes back.

What do you guys think?

EDIT: To clarify, SSL in Sonarr works fine on my note 2 running Kit-Kat. Same exact settings from a backup and restore do not work on my Nexus 6p running Marshmallow.