Hi Guys,

I added a few nzbs to sabnzbd's queue about a week ago, they finished and that was all well and good. Since then the same nzbs have started downloading again, sometimes several copies at a time.

I had recently installed the new beta of sabnzbd 0.8.0beta1, and thought that might be the cause but browsing the sab log shows the nzbs are being added by nzb360. I tried using the backup/restore feature of nzb360 but that didn't stop those nzbs from reappearing. I was thinking about clearing the app cache next but am hoping it won't come to that.

Any idea why nzb360 keeps adding those nzbs to sabnzbd?

I'm using nzb360 9.4.1a.
I'm having the same issue with items I send to sab from indexers via the app after updating to sabnzbd 0.8.0 beta 1
I have to go into the queue options in 360 and delete the item to stop it reappearing
im guessing something in the API may have changed with the new way sab handles queues
Seems to be a bug between the beta Sab and nzb360.

There's an easy workaround tho, on the side tab where you select which app you want to control there'll be a little symbol next to SABnzbd which is used to queue nzb's when the sab server is offline, press that and just remove the nzb's from that list once you've confirmed they're in Sab and downloading.

It looks like the Sab beta isn't reporting back to nzb360 that it's on-line and has received the nzb's, so nzb360 keeps trying to add them from it's "pending" queue.