Same here:

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08-03 12:01:45 ERROR [          couchpotato.api] Failed doing api request "searcher.full_search": Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/volume1/@appstore/couchpotatoserver/share/CouchPotatoServer/couchpotato/api.py", line 36, in run_handler
    res = api[route](**kwargs)
TypeError: searchAllView() got an unexpected keyword argument '_request'
Kev, I don't know if the api changed but the current api command is "movie.searcher.full_search"

For some reason I can't debug myself anymore. The CP traffic won't show up in Burp for some reason. It works fine for other services. And the CouchPotato section does work, I can tell from the logs. Kev, you have any idea why?