I am running a Spotweb server on my server with the basic filters but when I go to Movies > All (or another sub-menu in Movies), the app is giving me an error "No results found" but when I search a movie by name, i'm getting many results.

Is there any way to get this 'problem' fixed? I've tried to make different filters in xml and upload them to the Spotweb server but still no result when I navigate thru 'Movies'.
When I add another server online, i'm getting a very nice UI with covers and stuff and I would really like to have the same with my Spotweb server.
I don't know, I can't find any api for movies, is there any way to check this?

I've renamed my filter in 'Movies' tried to give them the same names as in the app, hoping the app could find my filters but this doesn't work.
Disabling the sexy movie layout did the trick.. thanks alot Kev!

Now I know where to look, finding a way for my SpotWeb to support movie search ;).