Kev wrote:Hmm, working fine for me?
Hmm. Frustrating.

I've attached a screenshot as an example.
Screenshot_2015-02-05-21-21-57.png (242.6 KiB) Viewed 2389 times
Kev wrote:Is this the exact url you used?


Compared to your pic, I noticed mine had a "/" after ".com"

I removed it and it all works as it should!

How strange. I never, ever use a "/" after my url's.

Very very odd!

Thanks for the time taken to try rectify this with me Kev.

As always love your work.

I have this problem too. Rather than going to the NZB details page, it takes me to the OzNZB login page. I've tried changing the url to use the legend api and just the normal api as well. I'm lost..