Recently I've noticed intermittent timeouts getting results from DOGnzb.
I've had the owner of DOGnzb log my API requests, and he said the ones that fail look exactly the same as the ones that succeed. The same request in a browser always seems to return data. I looked at a logcat while making the request and did not see anything logged. Is there any other information I can provide about this?
Actually, I just tested on my setup. The response comes back before the timeout, and still says No Results Found. My guess is this is something on their side. Dog is the only indexer this is happening with.
I'm seeing the same issues here, been trying to troubleshoot it.

Seems random when it happens.

I'm up for testing a beta version with logging in it, if that helps.
What's the actual API request that gets sent out when that happens? I'd like to compare it to ones that Just Work. I'm staff over at DOGnzb so I can look into stuff on our end.
Thanks Kevin for the information.

I'm seeing it's sending back zero results from the api server, I'll let dogzipp know about it and see if he can troubleshoot it.