First of all thank you for NZB360 it's brilliant.

I have been using it for months with no issues on Ubuntu Server 14.04.

Yesterday I did a fresh install and switched to OpenMediaVault and seem to be getting errors with CouchPotato.

Apologies for making another thread but as pointed out in another post every error will be different.

I have tried generating new API keys and rebooting the main server and CP itself with no luck.

I can still pull through my Wanted/Available lists etc.

I've attached Screenshots with version numbers etc. I'm using the latest version of NZB360.

Any help would be fantastic.
Screenshot_2014-08-06-10-17-54_compressed.jpg (69.66 KiB) Viewed 1735 times
Screenshot_2014-08-06-10-06-38_compressed.jpg (71.17 KiB) Viewed 1735 times
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Just an update. It seemed to disappear last night but today when I added a film it reappeared.

The film was successfully added though.

Anytime I refresh or do anything else in CouchPotato I get the error again.
Yeah, there is some movie that has a different JSON structure than the rest. I can never seem to get this to repro on my instance, so the only chance to fix it would be for me to connect to your instance and figure out what has changed for that specific movie.