At some point in the last couple releases headphones started to get wonky. I have to completely close nzb360, reopen it and load headphones to get it to connect. After that if you go to another service and come back it will never load until you fully close nzb360 and open it back up.

I am on the latest version of headphones and the latest version of nzb360. I have headphones behind an ssl reverse proxy, however, I have tested using the port, no ssl and no proxy, same results.

I grabbed another app called nzb+ and it worked just fine with headphones.
Hey Kev, thanks for checking it out.

I just wanted to add that if you close out the app entirely and open it up again and go to headphones first, it loads immediately. My default is sabnzbd.
Which version of Android are you running? Also, when it's slow to load, is SABnzbd running?

My theory is, one of the network threads is getting hung up trying to connect to SABnzbd, and you have to wait until the timeout occurs in order for the Headphone request to succeed.
I am on 4.4.3, HTC One M8 with Sense 6. It is the dev edition of the phone if that makes an difference.

I do have SABnzbd running. It seems to load up and display all the info fine there. It does seem like if I hit couchpotato before I go to headphones it will always hang and never load.