Strange...i was trying to add NzbDrone but after I filled the required fields and pushed Enable it wasn't there in the left menu.
Also adding a Indexer (spotweb) didn't work cause after pushing save indexer it says all is OK but the indexer is not there.
Finally making changes to an already existing indexer doesn't work either.

I don't know if it has anything to do with it but every start of the app it shows the What's New screen.
Sounds like nzb360 cannot save preferences on that device. There is definitely something weird going on with that specific device. No other apps have issues?

Try uninstalling nzb360, restart phone, re-install nzb360.
Thanks for your help...i did a remove and re-install.
All working now, don't know why...I had to redo the setup.
Restoring my backup settings didn't work and i ended up with same problems...
But...problem solved!