I was having this issue on my galaxy S4 but couldn't remember when it started. Just updated my Hudl tablet with latest NZB360 at the update prompt and working version has also reverted to not working with below error coming up same as Galaxy S4

java,lang.illegalstateException: Expected BEGIN_OBJECT but was BEGIN_ARRAY at line 1 column 24

Solution would be great



P.S running Android 4.4.2 on S4 & 4.2.2 on Hudl
Sorry Kev, in my rush to reply I didn't read your Q properly....Schoolboy error!
It says it is version 45b2dff6d24ffe0737b8eb4cfc554a73a26e4204 (29 June 2014 10:01:09)

It is all running on an Acer Revo3700 HTPC with O/S Openelec ION V3.2.4 & XBMC V12.2 Git:1002b4
Isellens SABSuite addon V4.3.8


Seemed to have sorted this now thanks. I had factory reset my router and not re-applied my port forwards. Not sure why this only affected CP though, all the others were working.